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Dentsply Sirona Cercon xt Zirconia Crown

800 MPa strength , 1-3 units, anterior and posterior
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Product Details
Brand: Cercon
Strength: 750 Mpa
Translucency: 49%
Thicknesses: 14,18,22mm
Shades: Bleaching, A1,A2,A3,A3.5, B1, C1,D2
Indication: Pre-shaded Disc
Recommended Region: 3-unit bridges, anterior , Posterior

Extra translucent, made from yttrium oxide-stabilised ZrO₂ (Y-TZP). For inLab MC X5 and most open CAD/CAM systems. For the production of fully anatomical (monolithic) restorations. Can be characterised with Cercon TCT stain, Cercon ceram body stains and Celtra universal stain and individualised with Cercon ceram kiss and Cercon ceram love veneering porcelains. Medical device Class IIa. With plastic adapter ring, green.

  • Extra high translucency and extraordinary shade stability enable life-like aesthetics particularly in the anterior area;
  • Alternative to lithium-disilicate;
  • True colour technology for the shade stability when the classic Vita shades are reproduced;
  • The blanks are glued into a plastic adapter for a secure and tension-free clamping in the respective CAM unit.
  • Crowns in the anterior and posterior area;
  • 3-unit bridges in the anterior and posterior area.
Physical data:

CTE 10,1 x 10⁻⁶K⁻¹ (25-500 °C); sintering temperature 1,500 °C; flexural strength (3-point bending test) approx. 750 MPa; modulus of elasticity 210,000 MPa; crystal structure 50 % cubic and 50 % tetragonal; translucency 49 %.

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