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$14 / Crown

Full Crown Titanium

Long Bridge and single units.
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Product Details
Brand: Fino
Strength: Grade 5, 760 MPa
Translucency: 0%
Thicknesses: 0.35mm
Shades: Metal
Recommended Region: Full House Bridges
Why: Improved cutting properties due to increased oxygen content

Made from high-quality titanium-aluminium alloy, grade 5. To produce single crowns up to wide-span bridges and bar constructions in the anterior and posterior area as well as suprastructures. Medical device Class IIa. With step.

  • Improved cutting properties due to increased oxygen content;
  • High breaking resistance and hardness;
  • Very fine micro structure;
  • Applicable with all titanium porcelain-bonding alloys customary in trade.
Physical data:
    elongation limit min. 760 MPa; ultimate elongation min. 8.0 %; reduction of area min. 15.0 %; tensile strength min. 825 MPa; density 4.43 g/cm³; Vickers hardness 341 HV10; CTE 9.7 x 10⁻⁶K⁻¹ (25-500 °C).
Composition in %:

Ti 90; Fe max. 0.25; Al 5.5-6.5; V 3.5-4.5; O max. 0.13; H, N, C < 0.1.

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