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$14 / Crown

PFM Coping NP Printing

Single Crown to Bridge is available .
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Product Details
Brand: SPD
Trace Elements:: Co(61.0),Cr(25.0),Mo(6.0),W(5.0),Mn(<1.0),Si(<1.0) ,Fe(<1.0)
Melting Range C: 1350-1385
Density g/cc: 8.6
Expansion at 500C: 14.1
Expansion at 600C: 14.5
Burnout Temp C: N/A
Proof Stress Soft MPa: 475
Degassing Temp C: 650-1010
Oxidation Procedure: Hold 0 min with Vacuum, Remove oxide
Proof Stress Soft MPa: 475
Elastic Modulus GPa: 223

Selective Laser Melted (SLM) NP is manufactured from our NP Premier alloy and indicated for PFM case up to 14 units.

SLM Non-Precious saves time and money while delivering consistent results.

We need designs from you.

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